Kayer & Jungle Boogie Brown- City Lytez

 City Lytez_Cover2

From the 2007 files “City Lytez” featuring Jungle Boogie Brown is now available on Kayer’s Rewind A Decade. Known for his appearances on Hip-Hop classic Uptown Saturday Night by Camp Lo, Jungle Brown put the fly voice to songs Nicky Barnes aka It’s Alright and Say Word. The bronx native can also be found on a number of solo tracks and Camp Lo releases.

With Dj Icewater on the turntables City Lytez  brings True School flavor to the new era. The original version produced by Stressnotic will now be released on a Latin B-Sides EP. The album mix on Rewind A Decade is credited to young Bay Area producer Ian McKee.

CD/Vinyl- Accesshiphop.com

iTunes/Amazon/Google Play/Spotify

Jungle- Halos7vines.com  Bio-link

Kayer- kayermusic.com  @kayermusic

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